December 11, 2017

I am sorry to say that we have some friends that aren’t feeling their best this week, and I think it best to postpone our cookie party until after the Christmas break.  Let’s revisit it in 2018 and bring in the new year with cookies!

It’s unfortunate, but not unexpected, to have illness go through a school– especially a daycare where the little ones are still learning to cover their coughs and sneezes and to not to put everything in their mouths! We are cleaning and cleaning some more and washing everyone’s hands even more than normal to try to keep the germs away.  Thank you for helping us in this effort! I appreciate you all telling me as soon as you know when your child is sick.  Anytime there is a body temperature greater than 100.4. it’s considered a fever an indication that the body is fighting something. Y’all are so good about keeping your little ones home with fever. Thank you!! I know the hard part is the 24 hour fever free wait to return, but it’s so important!

Related side note: our wish list right now consists of Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer and Lysol. We seem to be using a great deal of these things here lately!

The CCM will be closed for Christmas break Thursday, December 21- Monday, January 1.


December 1, 2017

The Twos are making Advent wreaths! It has taken all week, and we are still not finished!

We have started talking about Christmas- that it is Jesus’s birthday and that’s why we give presents! But…it is not Christmas yet! We are waiting for it to come, and this time is called Advent. The Twos don’t really understand what the wreath is for, I know. I just hope that it sparks some conversation! Next week we will all start talking more about the Christmas story and Mary and Joseph and the whole crew. My objective is for the Twos and Threes to be able to retell this story to you at home on their own, or with a little prompting.

Our Third Annual Christmas Cookie Party will be on Wednesday, Dec. 13. This will be just like it has been in the past; when you come to pick up, just go into the lunchroom and and create some yummy cookies. Siblings are welcome to join too! We will be adding a new feature this year: a Christmas Art Exhibit! 🎄😀


November 17, 2017

Look at the fire truck we made!

Pics of our little Turkeys:

We have been talking about Thanksgiving. Mrs. Kimmie’s class can tell you about the Mayflower and a little about the first Thanksgiving. My class can tell you that a turkey has feathers and says gobble. Both groups kinda know that it is about saying THANK YOU to God for our blessings.

We will have school Monday and Tuesday and then be off Wednesday-Friday for Thanksgiving. The kids will be preparing dinner for your family Tuesday! Our tradition of the kids cooking continues for the third year. You’ll have a bag to take home with you– so plan on that for Tuesday!

Have a great weekend!!


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