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November 17, 2017

Look at the fire truck we made!

Pics of our little Turkeys:

We have been talking about Thanksgiving. Mrs. Kimmie’s class can tell you about the Mayflower and a little about the first Thanksgiving. My class can tell you that a turkey has feathers and says gobble. Both groups kinda know that it is about saying THANK YOU to God for our blessings.

We will have school Monday and Tuesday and then be off Wednesday-Friday for Thanksgiving. The kids will be preparing dinner for your family Tuesday! Our tradition of the kids cooking continues for the third year. You’ll have a bag to take home with you– so plan on that for Tuesday!

Have a great weekend!!



November 1, 2017

Do you see a table of painting toddlers and think, aww how cute? Yes! But I also see that their teacher forgot the smocks today! That would be me! πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚ Oops!

It’s November!! We will construct our Family Tree over the next two weeks as we talk about our families! Will you please get me a picture of your family? You can email or text it to me, you can send in a physical photo, whatever is easiest! The children love seeing these pictures at school! Thank you!

Have a great Wednesday!


October 13

Look what I captured during playtime! We as adults are models for the children. Since prayer before meals here at school is something that we always do, it’s routine! I did not tell these kids to pray while they were playing! I think this is so wonderful! If only everything we do is worthy for the children to imitate! We can strive for this…

We ended our fire week with a fire drill this morning! We did great!

Sorting and using those little muscles:Have a great weekend!


More October 5, 2017

Most of y’all know that I am … frugal. Well, let me show you some our latest little projects! I found all of these on Pinterest… and let me warn you, if you have never used this site before, it’s time consuming! There are so many wonderful ideas! I usually type in something like, “preschool or toddler activities” and just start browsing. There is so much!

My class is using the letter blocks for matching and name/ letter recognition. They love this! I copied the blocks onto card stock and laminated it.

The hula hoop is so cool! It’s for the babies who aren’t yet mobile- they move and try to reach things that are attached to the hoop. Right now I just have different ribbons, but will add some toys soon!

Balancing the cardboard box top to get the ball in the hole was a big hit! The children are experiencing cause and effect– if I don’t tip the top so much, it won’t fly out– and control. It’s just fun too!

I didn’t spend anything! (That warms my frugal heart) Check out Pinterest, and see what you can make at home! πŸ˜€


October 5, 2017

Greetings from the baby room! We are learning so much! Sitting up, (not sPitting up!), holding our head up, pulling to a standing position, babbling, reaching for and holding objects… these guys are smart and happy babies, and we sure do ❀️ them!