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Happy Birthday to our friend! She’s a such a big girl!! 😂 We ❤️ her so much!!

This week our second grade friends came and read books to us. We love it when they come. One little friend cried when they left saying “I don’t want the big kids to go!”

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!



AGGG! Summer is almost here!

We all know that in Alabama, we really don’t have an entire season of Spring!  The heat of this week is screaming, “Summer is here!”

Things change here during the Summer, and we need to plan the schedule.  Please let me know what your plans are for the months of June and July, and if there will be any changes for August!  We will be sad to see your big kids go up to the big school for the new school year, but it has to happen!  At least I will get to see them occasionally in P.E.!  Enjoy every little minute…my second baby is going away to the even BIGGER school in a different state.  Everyone always told me it they grow up quickly.  It’s true! It’s true!!

We are closed for Memorial Day, May 29, and the last day for Fall Session is May 31.  The new Fall Session begins on August 6, 2018.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Trip to the Big School!

Our Threes class visited the K4 classroom this morning to see what it’s like in Big School! We braved the elements to get there! (Rain and puddles! Shoes are kinda wet!!) I was very proud of these guys, and you would be too! They were good listeners and used their best manners! The best part is… I didn’t use any bribery tactics at all! 😀K4…here they come! They’re ready!