Flash Back Friday!

THEN(August 2015):

NOW(April 2018):

Look how these two friends have grown! ❤️


March 29, 2018

Easter break has arrived! There’s no school tomorrow through next week; we will be eager to see everyone back on Monday, April 9! Ask your little one what Easter is about! We started off last week asking the children what Easter was. The older kids told us that it was about bunnies and eggs and candy. Well now, they add some things, and the Twos have something to say too. My class has been focused on the rock that was in front of the tomb– or cave. They tell me that “an angel moved the rock and He’s not there!” I hope that these stories make it home to you! I love it that Two-year olds can repeat some important details about this very important time! Happy Easter! We will celebrate with eggs and Easter fun when when we return to school!

We celebrated two birthdays this week! Happy 3rd birthday and 4th birthday to these friends!

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