I hope y’all are enjoying the snow with your little guys! I made a snowman and blanket fort with my “little guy”– (he’s taller than me!) But I almost forgot to make snow ice cream! Someone shared this fun with me when my kids were little, and I found a recipe to share with y’all. It’s easy and you may already have all the ingredients. Have fun!



January 17, 2018

Fr. Alex has closed the CCM for tomorrow, January 18, 2018. With our teachers and many of our families driving in from other counties, and with the continued below freezing temperature, safety is the primary concern. See y’all on Friday!

January 16, 2018

Fr Alex has closed the CCM for tomorrow and has asked that, if at all possible, all the children be picked up by 4:00 today. The concern, especially for tomorrow, is the potentially dangerous driving conditions that icy roads pose. With the snow that is expected to fall tonite and the below freezing temperatures that are predicted for most of the day tomorrow, the safest plan is to stay off the roads.

“Snowy sky” pictures from this morning:

January 3, 2018

Happy New year!! Here’s to an awesome 2018!

My guys are all playing so nicely! I tried to capture it here. They are content and being so kind to each other! I think they missed school and their friends!

Sorting!Welcome to this happy little one! Her big brother is so happy to have her at school, and so are we!

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