Shop at Publix?

If you do your shopping at Publix, I hope you’ve been scanning your little green card!  This card gives back a % of your purchase to our little school!  We have seen our numbers jump since Fr. Alex starting passing out the cards a couple of months go!  If you have lost your card, that’s ok!  They are becoming obsolete after September 30!  The program remains– you just have to create a Publix account and choose Saint Bede Child Development Center as you school of choice.  (This was our previous name, but the funds still come here)  When you check out at the grocery store, you will need to enter your phone number, and we will earn $$!  This is the link to create your publix account.  If you already have an account, just log in and find the “Locate a School” section.  Add Saint Bede Child Development Center to your account, and you’re all set.

*Please note:  There is an option for St. Bede Campus.  This is the Elementary School.  They are a great choice too, it’s just not the baby school.  🙂




September 11, 2018

I am behind on my WordPress posts, so I am just going to start the catch-up with Mrs. Kimmie’s visit last week. She brought her sweet little one who we all fell in love with right away! They are both doing great, and we hope to see them back in a couple of weeks! A few random pictures …

Health Department paid us a visit 🙂We’ve started “Quiet Reading Time” after lunch and before we lay down for nap. Each child has his own soft spot and basket of books. I even get a few minutes of reading too! We started it last week, and I am actually pleasantly surprised that they are doing so well! (with only a few reminders 😂)

Have a great weekend!


August 9, 2018

The washing hands afterward is just as much fun as the painting:I love turning something that’s bound for the trash into something usable- recycling! I have crib mattresses where the vinyl covering has ripped. We are trying to turn them into toddler chairs! I think it’s valuable to let your kids see you using what you already have on hand for a project before going out to buy something new. Think ahead to their college years: do you want to furnish a dorm or apartment with all new things? ($$$$$$$$!!!!!) or do you want them to have learned the practice of using what’s already on hand or finding something they can recycle and make?

I will have two daughters in college…next week 😓. One of them like and prefers new, but will usually tolerate the recycling/diy if it looks new. :). The other is more into art and likes the whole process of turning old into new. She’s the one that will go to flea markets with me!

It’s not for everyone, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with buying a new toddler chair! I just like the kids – yours and mine- to be open minded. And– I want to save you some big bucks if y’all have apartments and dorm rooms to furnish!😜

July 18, 2018

Whoo Hoo! We surprised Mrs. Kimmie with a little baby shower yesterday!

She’s doing great and very ready to meet her baby boy, Daniel! He should be making his debut in about 6 weeks. Thank you for helping with this fun surprise and for your support for this wonderful woman!

Fall is upon us! Our Fall session begins Monday, August 6. Registration packs will be in cubbies starting Friday. Please include a family picture! It can be on regular copy paper- (preferred!) but whatever is easiest! The children like seeing these on our family tree during the day!!

I need to do a little catch-up with pictures! Here are our last two birthday celebrants!

Random pics from the last few weeks:

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