Here we are with a great big THANK YOU for all of you that donated on Giving Tuesday! We appreciate YOU!


Tuesday Nov 27, 2018

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we have a short time to tell and retell the Christmas Story. It’s such a great one for little kids. It’s got action and adventure- and animals too! I love bringing out the toys that the kids can play with and tell the story in their words. I didn’t get a picture, but there were a few putting baby dolls in their shirts and saying they were Mary. (I love it!!) It’s all to bring the focus to what Christmas really is: the birthday of Jesus!

A little more abstract for our little ones is the idea of Advent. At this level, we will talk about WAITING. Our Advent wreaths help us to wait patiently for that big birthday party on Christmas morning!

Please see the message below for Fr Alex!

Dear Parishioners,

#iGiveCatholic on #GivingTuesday is November 27, 2018, from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.. This year’s proceeds will benefit the Catholic Children’s Ministry at St. Bede the Venerable Parish.

To donate online:

Select the following options

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It’s that easy! Thank you for your generosity during this season of giving.

Peace in Christ,
Father Alex

Art With Toddlers

Oh what fun we have in the Toddler Room! Art for us is a time consuming, messy, often whole-body experience! While you see the cute duck, here is a little insight into the making of the simple paper project! 🤪

Day 1: Get smocks on (if I remember!) Paint, but first wipe hands over table, clothes, in hair. Taste the paint, drop the brush. Ask for more paint, “Mo Mo!” Get more and declare “All done!” Shove the brush and paper away.

Then there’s clean up! Sometimes they get little bowls of water to “wash” but if they are feeling particularly frisky, then that gets very, very messy. We used wipes this time. 🙂

Day 2:

Talk about ducks, sing a song about ducks, “quack quack” all you can! Cut out the shapes you need. Then get to the table. Today I chose to stay in classroom. I’m not sure why?!Getting everyone situated at a regular table… can be a work out! 😂

They don’t really understand the concept of glue yet. So I help them push the pieces together. Of course this is cool and they take it apart. Repeat. But remember their attention spans are so little. Since they’re at the regular table….But what’s this? Feathers? It brings them back, and we are done. Well, there’s clean up. Again. 😆

Art with Toddlers is fun! I love it! They get so excited, and for them it’s all about feeling new things and making new messes! You may get a piece of paper that’s ripped and doesn’t make any sense, but trust me… a great deal went into its making!! Hang it with pride in your office or on the fridge!!! 🎨🏅


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